Currently, Medical Cannabis will be legal (CBD only) as of July 1, 2014 in the state of Florida. Cannabis is currently legal (in some form) in 20 other US states as well.  Cannabis is legal for Medical and Recreational use in Colorado and Washington State. In November 2014, Florida will have an initiative on the ballot to legalize ALL TYPES of Medical Marijuana (Cannabis) for medical use.  Anyone in the state who has a qualifying condition and a prescription from a licensed Physician within the state of Florida will be allowed to consume cannabis. If there is a vote of 60 percent or more for medical cannabis, the measure will pass.  However, when the measure passes, the state government of Florida will have up to 8 months to write the legislation or “rules” for Medical Cannabis within the state of Florida. The current law (CBD only) which is scheduled to take effect July 1, 2014 with an implementation date (for dispensaries) of January 1, 2015.  The laws, application process, and monetary requirements from this law (FLA Senate bill 1030) and Cannabis regulation from other states in which Cannabis is legal has been analyzed and used to develop the Florida Apothecary Medical Cannabis model.Since Cannabis is not legal at the Federal level, any operation that is within Florida must stay within Florida (or risk Federal Drug Trafficking Prosecution).  This legal “grey area” makes it difficult for current Medical Cannabis Providers to use banks, accept credit cards, or get a loan.  Therefore, obtaining a bank account for the medical marijuana dispensary may prove to be challenging. 


Legalities of Medical Cannabis in Florida

About Us

Medical and Business Expertise

Florida Apothecary will be a state of the art Medical Cannabis Dispensary (Medical Treatment Facility) that will be located in Brevard County, FL in 2015. The Dispensary will offer cannabis medicine in many forms (plant form, liquid, cream, food etc.) as well as accessories to enable patients to take cannabis (i.e pipes, e-cigarettes, cannabis containers,).  The Dispensary will consist of 4 distinct areas: Retail Store, Nursery, Infusion Area (producing edibles- cookies, cakes, oils, etc.), and a laboratory.  All distinct areas will be housed on a “campus” of buildings located in Brevard County, Florida.



Florida Apothecary​​ is headed by Michael Patterson, CEO.  Michael is a 20 year healthcare executive who has run healthcare corporations of all sizes and shapes.  Michael’s experience includes being Chief Operating Officer of a National Skilled Nursing Corporation with annual revenues in excess of  $210 million, Chief Development Officer of a National Medical Ancillary Services company focusing on development of Pharmacies, Laboratories, DME, and other ancillary services for Hospitals, Medical Groups, Physician Practices, Skilled Nursing Facilities,
Assisted Living Facilities, and Home Health Care Organizations.  Mr. Patterson is well versed in government regulation, policy, litigation, and health care operational systems.  His extensive knowledge in health care
operations and health care regulation will allow Florida Apothecary to “assimilate” into the current health care system in Florida quickly fostering  greater acceptance and credibility from Physicians (who write prescriptions for cannabis), local and state governments, and community leaders.

Cannabis is a medicine. We are looking to bring this powerful medicine to the people of Florida. To enable them to experience the medical benefits of this amazing plant.